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Past Work

Granary Farmhouse Antiques specializes in refinishing, restoring and repurposing antique furniture. This page offers a glimpse into what we do - a photo gallery of past projects that have been sold


A vision for each piece is created to enhance not only the beauty and style but the function as well.  We apply all types of stains, paints, glazes and waxes to reveal the best finish based on the wood being worked on. Granary strives to restore the pieces that can be brought back to their original splendor.  If a finish is beyond restoration, we repurpose those pieces using paint to create a whole new inspired composition.  


If you are looking for a specific piece, please let us know.  We attend auctions several times a week where anything can be found!  We love the hunt!  Follow the contact button and fill out your information.  We will put you on our wish list and you will contacted as soon as we find your treasure.  

Photo Gallery: About
Photo Gallery: Pro Gallery
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