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Introducing the Providence......SOLD

New page - Granary will feature our key pieces right here!  We will go into more detail and show more pictures and particulars.  


The Story

This antique printer work table is nothing short of iconic!!! Absolutely a stately piece of not only American history but local as well!!  This early 1900's pine table was salvaged from a Providence, RI post office.  The top is made from thick planks of yellow pine - so much history in that patina!! A layer of Masonite was taken off to reveal the original top. It was sanded down leaving just enough of the patina to keep its charm and character. It was sealed with 2 coats of oil based poly. The body is original paint that was given a good cleaning.


This piece measures 51” wide X 20” deep X 33” tall.


***We also have the mail sorter from the same post office - stay tuned……


This piece is located at our Granary booth #205 in

Jules Antiques and General Store

320 Kingstown Rd

Hope Valley, RI 02898

Open Daily: 10-5 


Delivery Available: message for a quote.

A Better Look....

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