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Antique Flat File Cabinet

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The Story

An antique flat file cabinet is a piece of furniture typically made of wood or metal that was commonly used in offices, libraries, or art studios in the past. It is designed to store large, flat items such as documents, blueprints, maps, or artwork.
This cabinet consist of 38 total drawers, most with a shallow depth and a large surface area. All of the drawers are equipped with brass handles for easy opening and closing. There are 2 deep drawers at the bottom of the cabinet.
The drawers of an antique flat file cabinet are wide enough to accommodate oversized documents. Some of the drawers are equipped with dividers or compartments to help organize and separate different items.
Today, antique flat file cabinets are highly sought after by collectors and artists for their unique charm and functionality. They are not only practical for storing and organizing large documents but also serve as beautiful pieces of furniture that add character and history to any space.


This piece measures 47” wide X 34” deep X 64” tall.



This piece is located at our

Granary Workshop in Charlestown, RI

A Better Look....

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